World’s Best ‘Hot Ass Mess’ Music Video Contest!!


Rbellion loves great music and music videos from around the world  as much as anyone else! But every once in a while you get some awful videos which you can’t help but fall in love with! With MTV VMAs honouring the best there is to offer every year at their glitzy ceremonies in the States and in Europe, we here at Rbellion decided to have our own awards ceremony honouring the worst music videos from accross the globe in aid of celebrating the launch of our brand new website!!

We have scoured the web for some truly awful gems which have captured the public’s imagination. From all four corners of the globe there are artists who are enthralling us with their imaginative and somewhat bizarre music videos!

We have selected the top 6 finalists but you can also submit and suggest any videos you believe cannot be missed from the Top 6 list via our Twitter page (@rbellion) with the hashtag #HAMvideocontest . Don’t forget to also check out our Facebook page where we will be uploading people’s suggestions and no doubt having a great discussion about what we think of them all! The winner of the contest (as voted for by you) will get a career consultation from one of Rbellion’s A&R veterans (who have worked for some of the world’s biggest record labels) and lots of music video making goodies (to continue entertaining us all with) to turn them from wannabes to gonnabes! Competition closes 15/10/2012  So hurry and get voting! (voting at the bottom of the page)

The video who get the most submissions from the public via our Twitter and Facebook page will get a special prize!

You can vote for your worst video at the bottom of the page! We can’t wait to find our who the winner will be…







ENTRY #2 BANGS -‘Take You To Da Movies’ (AUSTRALIA)



ENTRY #3 VIC.O -‘After Party’ (NIGERIA)


ENTRY #4 T. Baby- ‘It’s So Cold In the D’ (USA)


ENTRY #5 Rebecca Black- ‘Friday’ (USA)



ENTRY #6 Jan Terri – Losing You (USA)

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