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Tips for Artists and Musicians to Get Noticed by a Record Label

It is a daunting task to get noticed by a record label as a new independent artist. There are various factors such as talent, marketability and of course good luck that play a key role in getting signed by a record label. If you are a struggling musician who is trying hard to get noticed in order to be signed by a good record company, we are here to share some smart tips to help you materialize your dream into reality.

Major Records labels such as Sony Music sign about 45 artists per year (but they also drop about the same amount every year to balance out the numbers) And major indie labels such as XL Recordings sign just 6 per year.

So as you can imagine  the competition is FIERCE and so to get one of these coveted spots it takes some know how. Below are some advice as former major label employee we can disperse to you. The advice is straight to the point and at times brutal but its needed.


YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT  This is brutal and not the ‘work hard and you’ll achieve anything mantra’ that many advice guides give you- and they definitely won’t put it as their first bullet point. This industry is hard – anyone who tells you otherwise is a snake oil salesman.

About 80-95% of artists released on major labels fail and only about 3% (if that) make a long term career out of selling music. The odds aren’t great. The truly desperate go on the X Factor and its clones as a ‘short cut’ but lose their credibility along the way. If you’re going to make music then make it because you love it and not as a way to get famous- and be brutally honest with yourself about it. Know that you won’t become famous and at best you’ll make a couple of pennies on the side from your passion…



BUSINESS:  Ok once you’ve gotten over the first bullet point and you’re still trying to make it, you need to understand that there is a reason why its called the music business (In fact it really should be called business music as business trumps creativity/music) As with any business you need to create what the market is demanding  and to be able to sell it. Point blank period. If on a sunny day you’re selling hot chocolate, coffee and tea then your business will fail. You have to change your stock and start selling ice cream and ice poles. The same with music. If your music is failing then you have to either change or stay true to yourself and keep failing (failing in the economic sense as opposed to artistic fulfilment) For some bizarre reason artist don’t treat the music business as a business- they see it as a way to channel creativity when its ABSOLUTELY NOT. This point of seeing the music business as a business is so important that rest of this post will be variations of this point.



When it comes to shows such as the X Factor there are 3 types of people

1. Those who watch the show

2. Those who really what the show

3. Those who really, really watch the show.

You want to be in category 3. We’ll explain

  1. The best way to get noticed by a recording company is to record a demo with a good local producer. Opt for an original song and give your best shot to make your demo stand out amongst the rest.
  2. Compose good music: This plays a crucial role in making you stand out in the music industry. In order to get noticed by a record label, you should be able to come up with catchy lyrics to create a song and compose unique music that plays to the senses of the audiences.
  3. Building and maintaining a strong fan-base: The next important tip is to build a solid fan base. Your fans play a crucial role in making you and your music popular thus helping you to get noticed in the music industry. It is imperative for you to have a solid fan-following in order to get yourself or your band noticed.
  4. Regular rehearsals: Practice makes you perfect and this dictum is highly applicable for up and coming musicians and artists. You should devote adequate time in rehearsing regularly. Lyricists should also spend enough time daily to concentrate on improving their writing skills.
  5. Assess your performance on stage: This helps you identify and develop your flaws. Moreover, the audience reaction can significantly help you in discovering the kind of music that mesmerizes them and the music that doesn’t create any impact on listeners.
  6. Use social media to promote your talent: Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Songkick, Myspace, etc. play an important role in not only promoting your talent but also to get in touch with your fans. They also help in building a solid fan base. The social media is also an important tool for announcing your musical shows. Several budding artistes have gained recognition via social media by uploading snippets of their musical demo thus exhibiting your talent to the public globally.
  7. Contact the well-known record labels: The best way to get noticed by a record label is to find the contact details of the best record labels. You can either send your music demo to them or go and meet them personally if they permit.


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