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Music Licensing For Artists

Calling all artists! Your music will never reach its potential if it’s not getting heard. We will connect your tracks with the people who want to hear them and the opportunities that could help you to reach an audience greater than you ever imagined.


Joining us is a genuine win-win opportunity. Signing-up is free and you will benefit from our targeted audience of content creators who are just waiting to see what you have to offer. Such is our dedication to global music that we are offering one of the most competitive commission splits on the market. If someone buys or licenses your music, you will receive a massive 60% of the profits, with us taking only 40%.


Make Money From Your Music

We offer several revenue generating streams for your music including;

  • Music licensing
  • MP3 sales
  • Micro-licensing to fans


Music Licensing For Record Labels

If you are an independent record label and wish to submit your catalogue of music for licensing then we want to hear from you, too. Any music that you submit to Rbellion will remain the property of the legal owner.


So…what are you waiting for!? Simply read our submission tips below and send us some samples of your music today.


Music Licensing Submission Tips:

  • Ideally send us links to your songs/videos rather than MP3 files
  • Ensure that your submissions don’t contain any offensive material
  • Permission by original artist must be proven for any music sampled on your songs
  • Ensure your videos are of high quality and do not feature company or uncensored third party logos

Please note: We aim to respond to submissions within  7-10 working days.

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