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Top 10 Moments in the Afrobeats Movement (so far)

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Some argue that its still rising, some say it hasn’t even began to blow  yet and others say its has passed it. But wherever you stand you can’t deny that the genre has changed the way many Westerners and the Diaspora look at Afrobeats. We look at the Top 10 moments in Afrobeats from a UK perspective. Have we missed out anything?



‘World Class Music With An African Accent’


1.World Cup 2010

One of the defining moments for the continent.  On African soil for the first time ever with more African nations taking part than any other time; whenever their own nation’s team got knocked out Africans rallied around each other and the next progressive team until it was only Ghana left…we can categorically say Africans from across the globe were half Ghanaian on that fateful day of 2 July 2010 against Uruguay!

However it was also the music which played a central role in South Africa, with African sounds being played in reports by the BBC, ITV, CNN and other worldwide media outlets. And how can we forget Asamoah Gyan’s Azonto goal celebration dance!

Find out more of the Azonto Dance….

2.DJ Support

From DJ Edu to DJ Neptizzle and DJ Abrantee and many more besides, these DJs have helped shape the Afrobeats movement long before it was cool!

3.BBC 1xtra Radio Documentary

Produced by Bernard P Achampong for the BBC, this documentary played a vital role in introducing the Afrobeats movement and sound to a new audience- from South African House Music to Kuduro to High Life and many more besides. The documentary’s slogan ‘World Class Music with an African Accent’ was spot on.

(The documentary was so successful that it was re-run an unprecendeted 3 times on the BBC and rumour has it that the BBC have even bigger plans for the Afrobeats sound in the future)



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4.Kanye West signing Dbanj

Kanye signing one of the continent’s superstars showed that even Mr West couldn’t ignore this new emerging scene. And with Dbanj booked to play some of London’s biggest festivals in the UK (including the 2012 Wireless Festival) more audiences will be introduced to the Afrobeats sound.


5. Dbanj’s song on the London 2012 New Year celebrations

New Year’s celebrations in London usually follow a predictable pattern, with predictable music on stage and booming through the speakers. But there was one song that was completely unfamiliar to a majority of the audience – Dbanj’s Oliver Twist. Check out the dance craze on YouTube.


6. African origin UK artists:  Sneakbo Tinie Tempah, Sway, Tinch Stryder, Estelle, Lethal B etc

These young British based artists have helped further ‘Brand Africa’ as being cool and have helped their compatriots embrace both their British and African roots. Not only in music but in comedy (Eddie Kadi, Funmbi) and also TV (Idris Elba)   This in turn has helped young Africans unashamedly explore their culture- culture including music of course!

7.New Media

The MOBO awards (as well as other older establishments)  have played an integral part in black music in the UK and continue to do so, bringing a new audience to the African music scene. But many new media out lets have sprung up in the last few years that have reinforced the ‘Brand Africa as Cool’ concept (see list below) But it isn’t just niche on-line magazines but bigger corporations such as the BBC have also played a role in exposing African music to the masses.



It’s cliché to state the integral part that the internet has played  in changing the music industry- but it’s cliché for a reason! YouTube has enabled music fans to access music videos (thus artists) who would otherwise find it very hard to get onto traditional mainstream media outlets. Through YouTube music videos can be watched, artists can be discovered and dance crazes can evolve and spread!

9.Dance/Club Nights/Festivals- Afrobeats festival

Every year brings summer parties and African Independence days- and no one does it bigger than the Nigerian and Ghanaian Independence dances!….


10.The Future

The future is very exciting for the Afrobeats music movement. As more and more quality music is being produced from UK, US, European and African based producers and musicians and as more and more of these aforementioned artists begin to slowly break to the mainstream…the Afrobeats movement can only get bigger!




[Remember to check out more Afrobeats tracks from our website by clicking on the map below]

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